Our Aims

Harnessing the power of positive influence
Strengthening values and connection in the Sth Pacific
Developing functional self and team leadership
Future Leaders Academy was established in 2013, to deliver leadership development training and experiences. Although our flagship program is running advanced student leaders trips to the Pacific Islands, we also work with the NZ Government, schools, corporates and clubs. Functional team leadership development is a highly transferable skill. We kept hearing that access to practical leadership development in both the youth space and business sector was lacking. 
Giving leaders the tools and support to start and grow in their role is extremely important, as their actions are influential, are responsible for the well-being and outputs of their team, and are entrusted to achieve the visions of their organisation. Combining these tools with cultural traditions and connection takes our training to a whole new level.
Our team has a diverse background from the military, business, youth development, to government and international expeditions. world across NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Strength from multi-cultural unity is an asset to any team, and we foster that connection and understanding, to build high performing teams.

Future Leaders offer practical, engaging leadership programmes across the Pacific Region that equip individuals, teams and communities for success.

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