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Resilience Course

An experience like no other

Transfer these skills and resilience lessons to your workplace: 

Improve mental and physical stamina

Problem solving

Solution focused

Personal drive

Better use of resources


Military Survival Lessons

Training in a military setting from our special forces instructors

24 Hour Evasion Scenario

You, your team, new skills and plenty of grit and perseverance will be needed

Hostage Capture Scenario

A realistic experience designed for you to gain an idea of what this feels like


Escape from Capture

Use your new skills to break free from restraints, then gather your kit and run 


An unforgettable experience shared with like minded people will make friends for life

Character Building

Being on high alert to get through will develop you resilience

Military Equipment

Learn what the experts use to survive and assist in a high stakes situation

Remote Wilderness Setting

Forget your mobile phone, bring your outdoor gear, and be ready to rough it

Limited Resources

Realise how much you can achieve

with a lack of resources


Book a private course for your organisation's leaders on a date that suits you. Minimum of 10 participants


Book as an individual on our next open course


Arrive at our head office, then be taken to our remote training facility

Food & Accomodation



$4500 + GST per participant 


Three days: Fri - Sun


Required: Doctors letter noting general health condition and concerns

(we reserve the right to decline your
registration with full refund)

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