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Apia, Samoa

Based around the Samoan capital area, partnering with local schools, govt, organisations & stakeholders.


01 - 08 Oct 2023

The course takes place during the term three school holidays, and dates are inclusive of travel.


Yr 11(Aus only), 12 & 13 students

Open to students in leadership roles or with potential. Limited to 40 spaces for NZ/Aus students, and 20 Samoan students.



NZ students NZD$4000

Includes: $1000 International return flights; $200 accommodation; $300 food; $200 local transport; $500 activities; $200 prgm materials; $1600 prgm delivery fee.


Aus students AUD$3800

Includes: $900 International return flights from NZ (excludes flights to/from Aus); $200 accommodation; $300 food; $200 local transport; $400 activities; $200 prgm materials; $1600 prgm delivery fee.

Samoan students WST$170

Includes: accommodation; food; local transport; activities; prgm materials; prgm delivery fee.

All student applications will be screened within two days. You will then be notified of your selection.

Due to popular demand for our courses, your space will only be confirmed once a 10% deposit is paid.

Students will be notified if their preferred course dates have become full or change.

What's Included:
  • 7 nights hostel style accommodation*

  • International return flights from NZ

  • Domestic travel in Samoa

  • All food (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

  • All course materials (e.g. for activities and exercises)

  • Programme t-shirt, and backpack

*Separate sleeping arrangements for males and females, and fully supervised by Future Leaders staff at all times.

What's Not Included:
  • Domestic travel to and from your international airport, which is the group place of departure. All participants' travel connections will be checked by our Programme Coordinator, with phone and email support available.

  • International travel insurance. Students will be required to arrange their own trip and cancellation insurance.

  • Australian students will need to arrange their own flights to join the departure and return flights ex NZ. Our Programme Coordinator will support you with flight options.

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