Harriet Guy - 2017 Executive Student Committee Leader - Arts @ Wellington Girls College

In terms of the course itself, it without a doubt helped improve my leadership skills. Before I attended the course, I didn’t know that much about how to be a leader. The only skill I felt I had was the ability to talk confidently. However there is so much more you learn in terms of strategic ways to get people involved, effective communication skills, and how to make a situation enjoyable, approachable and achievable.


I did this course in 2016 when I was yr 11 and I was lucky enough in yr 12 to gain a prefect position at my school (Wellington Girls’ College). I am titled as Head of Arts and am part of the prefect executive team. I do honestly owe a lot of this to Future Leaders, as I certainly do think that from this training I was able to grasp skills that helped me achieve this position. I have also been able to lead several groups within my school. I am directing both our school Stage Challenge and Senior Drama Production, both of which are quite large, daunting tasks. However with the skills I’ve learnt, I do believe that I have grown as a leader and am able to successfully carry out a task or in this case production.


For anyone considering or thinking about doing a course at Future Leaders Academy, I would 100% recommend it. Coming away from the course in 2016, I told all of my friends about it and how incredible the experience was. I can understand that it may be quite scary and daunting to do something like this away from home and with people you’ve never met. However that’s all part of it. Just remember that the world is like that. You will most likely be faced with the situation of having to meet new people and going somewhere you've never been before. However it’s all about learning, understanding, changing and growing as a person. Trust me in saying that you will not regret this opportunity!

Here's some other student feedback... cont...

  • ‘they clearly showed how leadership can be used in the real world’

  • ‘the facilitation style was good because there was a mix of theory and practical exercises which kept it engaging and interesting’

  • ‘the drama section helped out a lot with my confidence’

  • ‘Awesome and clear breakdown of what leadership is and tools we can use in every day situations’

  • ‘a good range of activities and the teachers allowed for different learning styles’

  • ‘the instructors were friendly and accommodating’

  • ‘it teaches great skills for coping in ever day life’

  • ‘it helped me practice using different leadership styles in different situations’

  • ‘it was great that we could try out what we learnt in the class room’

  • ‘I was worried the course would be too military style, but it was quite easy-going’

  • ‘a few of my mates could benefit as sometimes they try to lead people, but they don’t do it very well’

  • ‘it allowed us to get an insight into the traits that a leader should display’

  • ‘I learnt valuable life skills and lessons, and had lots of fun’

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