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Corporate Leaders

Enhance your team's or your own leadership abilities

Are you an existing leader or manager in your organisation?

We can help you or your organisation with the following:

  • Facilitated group workshops, 1-2 days

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Bespoke leadership retreats

(high performing teams, self and team functional leadership)

Contact us directly for your needs

Corp team


Every member of our team has been shoulder-tapped and hand-picked for their exceptional skills, experience, and proven high performance. Plus they're epic humans! 

Primarily from an elite military and emergency background, our core team offers you an unrivalled skillset that translates well in a business environment.

Jethro Gilbert
Lead Facilitator

Jethro has a background in the New Zealand Defence Force and has held a variety of leadership positions across multiple teams in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. His corporate experience includes relationship and account management. Jethro is also CEO of Triple Summits Youth & Employment Services. Jethro's multi-faceted background, functional and strategic leadership experience has honed his skills in decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities. He has designed and facilitated workshops for all of our corporate clients, and brought together a high calibre team of tactical leadership experts as co-facilitators.

Final Anna.jpg
Anna Scheirlinck
Lead Facilitator

Anna has a varied background with a career that has spanned across New Zealand and Australia. Experiences in the New Zealand Defence Force, as a front line Police Officer and in Emergency Management have shaped Anna's understanding of risk management from the tactical to strategic level. As a qualified Outdoor Instructor and Ski Guide, Anna has learned how to develop and practice personal and team resilience in harsh conditions. Anna has trained senior leadership teams within the military to understand themselves and each other better, in order to enhance performance in challenging and high risk situations. Working in the sharp end of national emergency management, Anna is no stranger to making decisions in high pressure situations. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 6.59.24 am.png
Wayne Higginson

Wayne will have you captivated with his story telling, and ability to draw on examples from his extensive military career that apply to the fundamentals of leadership in the business environment. Wayne has served with special forces, infantry, private security operations including protecting embassies, planned and delivered advanced training with high risk factors. He 's worked and lived in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He gives clients an experience to remember, with his down-to-earth and unique approach to leadership.

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 7.03.52 am.png
Derek Sarney

Derek exemplifies the meaning of a tactical leader at the highest level of performance. Having served with police for over 30 years, most of which have been in leadership roles within elite law enforcement tactical teams. In conjunction, Derek has had a long and decorated career in the NZ Army. From deploying to conflict zones around the world, being a winner of prestigious marksman competitions, and the most successful coach of an army competitive shooting team. His experience and senior roles, now see him passing lessons learned to the others. You'll hear some behind the scenes story, and how mindset can be translated to the business setting. One client stated - "I felt like I was in a Jason Bourne movie for the last hour, listening to Derek's presentation"!

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