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Jethro Gilbert
CEO and Chief Instructor

Jethro has had a broad and varied career. A head prefect at high school, he went on to work in sales and account management roles, while developing a secondary career as an officer in the NZ Army Reserve Force. During this time, Jethro led a team of youth development instructors at the Limited Service Volunteer programme which helped inspire the start-up of Future Leaders Academy. Having seen many poor examples of leadership in the wider community, he aims to be a champion of change and developing our region's youth.

Em: jethro@flacademy.com

Davina Gilbert
Co-founder and Advisor

Being part of the journey since the beginning, Davina has influenced the way we think about positive mindsets and the power of self-confidence. An expert in her field, Davina is also the Director of Marrzipan Drama, and ensures that Future Leaders Academy maintains its action oriented approach to the work we do and brings great entrepreneurial insight for our many ideas.

Seraphina Tausilia-Brown
Programme Coordinator


Seraphina joined Future Leaders Academy halfway through 2022. With a background in administration and management in childcare and production companies, Seraphina also brings a creative flare after a decade long career as a creative practitioner for film and theatre. Based in Wellington NZ with her family, Seraphina values connecting with young people and their families together and hopes to contribute towards a more empowered next generation.

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Jay Berwick
Leadership Instructor

Originally from Fiji, Jay has been been involved with youth development for over a decade and brings a wealth of experience and a genuine approach to Future Leaders Academy. He cares deeply about the well-being of young people, and aims to help give them the direction and support opportunities they need to succeed. Promoting the cultural values of Pasifika People motivates Jay to develop our youth.