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To connect and strengthen young leaders from Australasia and the Pacific through experiential development and cultural diversity.


Effective leadership is essential for our people, communities, and environment, as it increases the chances of achieving goals and protecting our ways of life

In today's world, where many people feel isolated, we aim to enhance people's sense of connection to like-minded people, while bridging and celebrating the cultures of our region.


The Pacific region is home to strong, values-driven people who, with the right support, can set a global example. We aim to foster those values, through supporting leaders to lead their own communities.

We know that a good leader can directly impact and influence the people around them, to make a big differences to the world. By championing our young leaders, we serve the many.

With lots of amazing leadership development opportunities available in New Zealand and Australia, we realised a gap to offer a different experience, and we know the value in experiential learning. We also wanted to bring our programmes to the Pacific Islands to enable their young leaders better access to leadership and connection.


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Our Partners

Cook Islands Tourism

NZ High Commission

Conservation Intl Samoa

Air New Zealand

Pacific Resort

Cook Is Chamber of Commerce

Erakor Resort and Village

Umu Experience

Where our leaders come from

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