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We know that parents are putting their trust in us for the wellbeing, and safety of their young leaders. While this is a big responsibility, the safety of our students is paramount, and we have the experience and processes to ensure we achieve this. Having safely delivered many international courses, with over 400 student alumni, our record speaks for itself.


Schools need to know that external providers are trustworthy, and they feel confident recommending programmes to parents and students. We have had students from over 250 schools across Australia and New Zealand attend our courses since 2014. With more than 1800 secondary schools in both countries, if you haven't heard of us yet, it's only a matter of time. Feedback from parents and schools is hugely positive about the impact our programme has on young leaders. Particularly; confidence building, leadership skills, goal setting, and a sense of being better prepared for the future.

It's also a bonus that our courses meet the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award - Residential Project. Usually 10-15% of students on each course are completing the Award.

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"Travanna has given an outstanding presentation at our school assembly about the programme and her experiences and shared some of what she learned. She is a member of our Senior student leadership team and she is also using her learnings in working with the team. I would like to thank you for the opportunity it offered her as it has been of great benefit to her and our school." 

Elizabeth Rogerson, Former Principal, Solway College

"I am happy and proud of Ava to step into the unknown and have faith that she would meet people that would help empower her to become a better person. Also, for Ava to give part of herself to encourage others to become empowered."

Eric Lander, Collingwood Area School

"What a great experience India has had over the last 10 days. She has come back very positive, although wrecked! Her eyes have been widened & her life continued to be educated & rounded. Her life is richer for the experience. Thanks for the simple but effective formula. We want to express our thanks & appreciation for her experience via FLA."

Rhys, Parent

Top Contributing Schools

New Zealand

  • Horowhenua College

  • St Pauls Collegiate School, Hamilton

  • South Otago High School

  • Whangarei Girls High School

  • Hamilton Girls High School

  • Kavanagh College

  • Hastings Girls High School

  • Sacred Heart Girls College Hamilton

  • Aotea College

  • Taumarunui High School

  • Te Kuiti High School

  • Wellington East Girls College

  • Solway College

  • Taihape Area School

  • Cullinane College

  • Napier Girls High School

  • Rototuna Senior High School

  • Te Awamutu College

  • Bishop Viard College

  • Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery

  • Karamu High School

  • New Plymouth Girls High School

  • Kuranui College


  • Loxton High School, SA

  • Burgmann Anglican School, ACT

  • Warilla High School, NSW

  • Chifley College Senior Campus, NSW

  • St Matthews catholic School, NSW

  • Albany Snr High School, WA 

Safety with FLA


The destinations we choose for our courses, all have access to modern and competent primary medical facilities, and the nature of our activities are low-medium risk only. We have a detailed Health and Safety Policy, and Risk Management Plan, which has been independently vetted by; Safe and Sound Solutions, Christchurch, New Zealand

The risks

  • Safety of our participants doing activities - most activities are low risk, around town or nearby outdoor areas. We usually have one moderate level outdoor bush day-hike, suitable for all levels. Other activities which are usually in our programme's spare time, include swimming and snorkelling in safe areas. 

  • Wellbeing of participants throughout the course - sometimes being away from home, in a communal living environment, and busy with long days of activity can be new and at times a little overwhelming. We acknowledge everyones comfort and ability levels.

  • Medical situations - with a large group we know there will be some people with medical conditions, or dietary requirements, which we aim to support during the course.

  • General safety - sometimes different countries have social, political, and environmental safety or security concerns. We closely monitor these situations, and liaise with local partners, adjusting if necessary.

How we manage the risks

  • Safety of our participants doing activities

    • For any activities that​ are medium or high risk, we create specific activity plans, and/or select third party providers who have suitable risk management plans as required.

    • Our staff are selected for their experience in delivering activities, and the management team are trained in advanced first aid, and health and safety practices.

  • Wellbeing of participants throughout the course

    • Our participants are split into small manageable groups, enabling close support and supervision from staff members. Management staff are trained to provide extra support if necessary.

  • Medical situations

    • Before each course we thoroughly review ​any participant medical concerns, ensuring we can support them effectively, and what we can put in place during the course. 

    • Our first aid trained staff are the first responders, but we access local medical care for anything more serious, including unforeseen injuries etc.

  • General safety

    • Having sound ​knowledge of each destination, strong local networks, and conducting pre-trip scoping all help to ensure we know well in advance of any situations that might impact our programme.

    • Sometimes we might have to change course dates, locations, or activities, which all students and parents will be made aware of, and a level of adaptability is encouraged as some thing are outside our control.

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