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Future Leaders Academy expand their Leadership Courses to Norfolk Island

We are excited to announce our advanced leadership course at Future Leaders Academy (FLA), is expanding to Norfolk Island. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for Year 11 and 12 students from Australia. The students will get to immerse themselves in Pasifika culture, develop leadership skills with experiential learning, and ignite their spark to lead us into the future.

We believe sound leadership improves the likelihood of achieving goals and the power of scalable influence is our approach. Some are born natural leaders, but the potential requires development to be an effective leader, who not only leads, but inspires and creates impact.

This is where our military-inspired leadership courses come into play. We have created an opportunity to provide access to our youth, to hands-on training, and cultural and community integration with our intensive one-week courses.

But why Norfolk Island?

We can all say, it’s not been an easy ride with COVID-19. Our Pacific Student Leaders Program (PSLP) took a hit with the pause on international travel restrictions.

It was a constant game of cat-and-mouse during 2020 as we waited to see how the pandemic unfolded, getting our hopes up, attempting to set new course dates, then cancelling as the inevitable restrictions remained in place.

In December last year, our team travelled to Norfolk Island to meet the local community and government stakeholders to scope the interest and viability in having our leadership course there. As soon as we landed, we were warmly and excitedly welcomed by the locals.

"A mantra of being solution focused, and trying to have some control over our goals and tempo, we decided that using our Australian base was the next best way forward. The only Pacific Island open without quarantine was Norfolk Island, as it is an Australian territory”. - Jethro Gilbert, Future Leaders Academy Chief Instructor.

As much as we’re excited with partnering with Norfolk Island, Principal of Norfolk Island Central School, Sally Thompson, was thrilled to see a leadership development opportunity for the island’s senior school students and peers interacting across the Pacific Nations.

“I was very intrigued by the history and culture of Norfolk Island, and how the current way of life has developed. With a strong connection to early Polynesian life, the famous ship, the Bounty bringing settlers to the island - it didn’t take long to realise the interesting culture of an island half way between New Zealand and Australia. - Jethro Gilbert.

Offering so much more than an adventure

As much as this one-week intensive leadership course is packed with fun and adventure, it goes beyond that. It provides Australian students a chance to develop cultural awareness by learning about Norfolk Island culture and history, as well as gaining leadership development skills through experiential learning.

The course draws on military methods and on this one-week intensive course, students will fast-track the learning process and gain skills in decision-making, planning and strategic thinking.

“My military and Kiwi background, alongside our growing impact across the South West Pacific helped with the program’s credibility. The planned week-long course is set to be insightful, impactful, a good mix of fun, adventure and leadership opportunities”. - Jethro Gilbert

With a number of current governance issues being worked on, it’s challenging times for Norfolk Island. However, this is a great learning opportunity for our young leaders, and their desire for youth development to continue is admirable.

The South West Pacific are strong values-based people, and with the right support, they can be an example for the rest of the world to follow.

We are currently preparing for our next FLA Advanced Leadership Course in Norfolk Island, which takes place over the first week of term one school holidays on 3rd April to 10th April 2021.

Head over to our Norfolk Island Leadership Program page to register or find out more.

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